Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Good Form Running Clinic

Our SoleMates running coach Ashley@ SheRunsStong recently attended the Good Form Running (GFR) Clinic at Runner's Den.  I loved reading her write up on her blog so I decided to go myself and see what GFR was all about and if the technique would help me.

This was the most informative 90 minute class and I'm not just saying that because I love Runners Den.  I went expecting to be bored...running isn't the most interesting topic...but it was interactive from the moment it started. We were video taped running first with shoes on and then barefoot to later analyze our current form. 
The instructor then went right into drills on the 4 points of GFR. Posture, Midfoot, Cadence, Lean. I won't go into every point (Go to the clinic!) :)  but the one that helped me the most (along with midfoot striking) was cadence. 

I always feel like I ddrrraaaggg when I run...I'm totally a "stop to smell the roses" kind of runner.  Well - GFR taught me by doing so I might be injuring myself. See...for the longest time I thought in order to be faster you have to take longer strides...not true...when you take longer strides you automatically do a severe heel strike that leads to aches, pains and injury.  The cadence point clicked for me and through the techniques I am working to get up to 180.

I did my first run on Sunday a 2 mile route that is really familiar to me.  I didn't get tired and felt faster, I actually did go faster!  I was excited to see improvement my first run! I am going to continue to use the GFR principals on every run!

Summer 5k PR here I come. 

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